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Main Rules

- These things are not allowed and will be punished by mods:
- Punishments are: 1st offense 24 hours, 2nd offense 72 hours, 3rd offense permanent ban
  * Use an autoclicker or buyer or ANY other automated program or device.
  * Registering more then 1 account per player.
  * Get advantage from a glitch in the game. If you find one, report it immediatly.
  * Send soldiers/gold/mana through market. Market is only for REAL offers. Selloffs and Prizes are not allowed.
  * Make offers in the market to protect your troops, gold or another resource will mean a ban. 
  * Hack or try to hack an account of another Lords Of Aman player.
  * Share your account: This includes anyone playing or NOT playing the game. No bankers or clickers other then YOURSELF.
  * Use the message system to send massive mails promoting another website, homepage, tool, or program.
  * Sending harassing, obscene, or illegal material through the game's messaging system, shoutbox, or on the forum.
  * Use bad language in our shoutbox or forum. 
  * No transactions or attacking between accounts that have ever been on the same land line IP address (cable, 
    dial up if anyone still uses it, dsl) - ie. husband/wife, parent/child, siblings etc.
  * Mobile IP addresses are permitted to make  transaction and attacks as long as they are linked within their 
    own country only and DO NOT violate the linked rule about a home line. - ie. if your linked by a home IP you still 
    can not trade or attack from a cell phone IP.

Created by HellWars.
Copyright 2011, All rights reserved.

All the images used in this game are distributed under GPL

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